Jocelyn + Nick Franklinton Engagement Session | Columbus Wedding Photographers

So... Nick + Jocelyn are like the furthest from grungy, so I feel like I need to explain the vibe I was aiming for with their Franklinton engagement session. First of all is this really even Franklinton? We hung out near Broad and Town St on the west side of the river. The goal I had in mind was to play into some juxtaposition and place them, and their love and beauty against a backdrop of industrial and somewhat failing concrete.

As we got to know these two, we really found out how in love they really are! Their engagement story brought a tear to my eye.. here's the jist--

They went to visit Nick's parents for Easter last year,  and they watched their oldest son while they had what they thought would be their last weekend away together before Jocelyn delivered their their youngest son. Little did Jocelyn know, Nick's Grandma had randomly given him her mother's gorgeous wedding ring to give to her "when the time was right."  As they were taking walk around the city, the sun was setting over the river,  and they looked out from a bridge. Nick got down on one knee with a tattered maroon ring box. He opened it up and the box was nearly falling apart. In it was the most beautiful vintage ring.

When Jocelyn told me the story, she said she was sure she still hasn't said yes over a year later. They are planning a wedding for next May here in Columbus with their friends and family.

The session was exactly like that tattered ring box, falling apart, but holding the most precious of jewels. After their session, the two rounded out their night out with dinner and drinks at Strongwater.

Jocelyn + Nick, we wish you a million happy years together and hope your wedding is everything you could hope for!