Is your wedding photography an expense or an investment?

There is a big difference between an expense and an investment and I think that is the thing that distinguishes us from many other Columbus wedding photographers. To us, wedding photography is an investment in the way that you receive a valuable return for your money. We value photographs, and our clients do too.

So, are you investing in your photographs, or is it just another wedding expense?

The difference comes down to three aspects, affordability, value, and sustainability or return on your investment.

Affordability- this is a relative term. What you find to be affordable, I may not. We have clients who think we are "affordable", and we have had clients walk away because we charge too much. And that is okay. I don't want to twist your arm and make you pay our prices. Our goal is only to provide you with an absolute one of a kind wedding photography experience all the while putting food on our table.

Value- this is a measurable term. This is the importance or worth of something. How important is your wedding photography to you? Think about all the other aspects...the dress, the food, the flowers. Where does photography fall? This will tell you how much you value your wedding photos. This is a big deciding factor for us when we are choosing to work with a couple. We don't accept every couple that inquires with us, because we want our clients to value photography much like we do. In fact, it is one of the questions in our contact form.

Sustainability- our product, the thing we "sell" is memories. Those cannot be replaced. Now the tangible things, prints, albums, USB drives- those all can be replaced, and those are of the highest quality as well, but what I am talking about is the moment you see your beautiful bride turn the corner and start walking down the aisle, click. Your first dance, click. Those little flower girls and ring bearers breakin' it down on the dance floor, click. We save those moments for you.

This is why it is so important for us to provide every bride and groom with an album to display those memories. The album that you have on your coffee table or your bookshelf will one day serve as an heirloom to your children and grandchildren.

So when you're looking for a wedding photographer in Columbus Ohio-- look at their prices last. Don't look at your wedding photos as an expense but look at it as an investment in yourselves. And if you too value photography and want your memories to last a lifetime,  contact us to see if we're a good fit for your wedding day.

With love,