12 Questions to ask your Columbus Wedding Photographer

When we meet with a couple, we see it as a get-to-know-you meeting. We want to know you as much as you know us. Did you meet in Columbus, how long have you been engaged? What are you looking for in a Columbus Wedding Photographer?

There are plenty of questions you should be asking as well. After all if you're spending 10% of your wedding budget on a vendor you should know what to expect of them.

Are you available on our date?
Before you even meet up, you should ask this just to make sure not to waste your own time, or the photographers' time.

Have you photographed my venue before?
This of course isn't a deal breaker, but what your photographer says may sway your decision.

If my venue is out of your area, do you charge a travel fee and what does that cover?
You should definitely find out what is considered out of the area and if any extra fees apply.

How would you describe your style?
This style is referring the the visual aesthetic such as composition and editing techniques. You should be able to tell this from their website or social media, but if you choose to go with a different photographer in Columbus, it will help to know what style you like or dislike.

How would you describe your approach?
This is probably one of the most important questions you should ask. Will your photographer be creating scenes and manipulating the setting for the purposes of photos or will they be documenting the day as it occurs?

Is it okay for others to take photos while you do?
This is super sensitive so be prepared for all sorts of answers, but you'll want to know how they'll react to Aunt Judy and her point and shoot camera on your special day.

What is the payment schedule like?
When will the full amount be due, is there a deposit and is it refundable are all great questions.

Should we include you on our guest list for seating and a meal?
Will your vendors be eating on the premises or leaving for a "lunch break"?

If my event lasts longer than scheduled will you stay? Are there extra charges?
Sometimes weddings get off schedule {are you surprised?!} and if your events go a little later you'll want to know if your photographer will be there and if you'll be charged extra.

Will you retouch my images? What is the difference between editing and retouching?
Most people don't know the difference, and that is okay! But you should know exactly what you'll be getting.

Who will see our images?
Will they be on the website? Social media? Submitted to publications?

How soon after the wedding will I see my images?
You should ask so you don't expect to see them as soon as you get home from Paris and Rome, if they won't be ready for 4 weeks. Just ask early on.

Your photographer should provide you with all of the above information, but in the event that they don't, you're prepared to ask. You'll notice we didn't answer any of these questions, that is because we would much prefer to meet with you in person and be able to provide this information to you over a cup of coffee so you can ask any other questions that come up.

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