Using a friend for your wedding photography

I'm going to just put this out there- your photographer friend is not a good option for your wedding. I'm sorry {#sorrynotsorry}.


Recently a friend sent us a text asking for our pricing. Will her wedding be beautiful? Yes. Would we love to have another paying client this year? Yes. Did we accept the job? No.

We love weddings, we really do- but when we are photographing one, we are working. We are on our feet 8-12 hours, eating granola bars in closets in between hair+makeup and getting into the dress, we are in uncomfortable clothing.

We aren't snapchatting the ceremony, we aren't getting to eat dinner at a table of 6 other friends or family, we don't get to do the cha cha slide. Because, while your guests are doing all of those things, we're documenting it. When our friends get married later this year, we want to enjoy it. We want to show up 10 minutes before the ceremony, I want to wear a cute dress with strappy high heels that I take off after the dance floor opens, We want to have a few drinks and dance the night away.

Your friends want to do the same things and if they are "working" during your wedding, they either will be so distracted they won't be getting the photographs you're paying them for, or they will be sad and left out.

Let's talk about the other side of this- is your friend a real photographer or do they just have a nice camera? Are they maybe a family photographer who doesn't regularly photograph weddings? These are really important.

First, your friend with the camera- they likely don't know how to use their camera to its' full functionality. They probably don't have the right lenses to be able to perfectly capture the first kiss without being 12 inches from you. They probably don't have proper lighting for your dark reception. As for your friend who photographs families, babies, maternity or anything but weddings- they may know their camera like the back of their hand, they may have the proper lighting and gear, but are they used to posing a bride to slim her arms? Do they know how to execute a first look? Do they know the little moments to look for like the kiss that inevitably comes after the cake cutting? Maybe... but it's more likely that they don't. And that is a lot of pressure to put on someone who is your friend.

Trust us, hire a professional photographer who is ready to show up to work on your wedding day and let your friends enjoy the festivities.


Kristin + Tim


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