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So let's be honest- you've probably been pinning wedding photos, poses, decor, rings and dresses as inspiration for your wedding since before you got engaged. And if you haven't, what are you waiting for? Head over to our pinterest for ideas!

We personally love Pinterest, we share recipes, memes, helpful blogs and of course we use it for our business too, to help brides + grooms like you! BUT... we want you to also have realistic expectations for your wedding photography. So here are a few tips.

1. Consider the venue

If you are pinning photos of an outdoor ceremony under a trellis, with the sun shining in your hair, but you are planning an indoor ceremony in a log cabin- your photographer will not be able to emulate those.

2. Consider the amount of time

You may have ideas for 25 poses in 3 different locations, but your timeline only allows 30 minutes for your couples portraits. Generally it takes about 5 minutes per pose, and that's if you stay in one location. Keep this in mind when planning out your day-of schedule.

3. Consider your photographers style

Do you love the look of natural warm sunlight in the images you're seeing on pinterest? We do too! If you haven't noticed, we are natural light photographers. We do use flash throughout the day, but sunlight is what our dreams are made of. So when you're choosing your photographer, take a look at their portfolio and see if the work they're showing is similar to the items you are pinning. Please don't expect your photographer to change their style at your request. Choose a photographer whose style matches your visions.

4. Speaking of light... consider the time of day

If you love those sun lit images, but you are having an evening ceremony, there will be a disconnect there. Unless you did a first look, bridal party portraits and couples portraits all before the 6pm ceremony, your photos will all be artificially lit by flash. That is totally fine if that is the look you are going for, but take this into account when choosing your wedding start time and your photographer.

5. Be realistic

We love getting inspired from a good pin board, but remember we won't have that in our back pocket at your wedding. You don't want us to be stopping to look at that anyway- you want us to be able to be creative and get into a flow having known your interests and expectations ahead of time. We may try to replicate some posing, but it will probably never be exact. Hand placement may vary, directional light makes a difference, as do all of the above points. And remember, this is your day- you want it to look like your day, and not someone on Pinterest's. So let us pose you in a way that captures your love and emotions on your wedding day, to create your story.


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