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So everything is going well, The ceremony went off without a hitch and now it is time for…..cake, maybe? Or do the toasts come first?

   You have probably been to at least a few weddings before your own walk down the aisle. Have you ever been sitting in your ceremony seat patiently waiting for the festivities to begin? Or sitting at your reception table, practically licking your cocktail plate wondering when dinner will be served? I'm sure you've also attended weddings where everything went so seamless that you didn't even notice, you just enjoyed- well, we want that to be your wedding.

You may not realize it now, but there will be a lot to manage on the big day, from your vendor demands to your bridal party's needs. Getting everyone on the same page will not only make the day less stressful, but allow you and your guests to truly enjoy themselves. Not to mention, smooth timelines help your vendors {you know... us} do our jobs to the best of our abilities.

When you are planning your timeline, start with the vendors who will be with you all day such as a wedding planner/coordinator or your photographer. We personally go over the timeline with our couples in detail, 4-6 weeks before the wedding. You will need to know from each of your vendors how much time they will need and when they think their service should fall during the day. Remember that this is your day and you want it to go as well as possible, your vendors have a lot of experience and can offer really helpful insight.

As for wedding photography, leaving enough time to get those fabulous images you are envisioning is extremely important. Whether your bridal party is large or small, it is always hard to pull them and yourselves away from your guests and the bar or cocktail hour. On wedding day, we typically need 30 minutes for your full bridal party and break out posing, and 45 minutes for bride and groom portraits. One hour is the absolute minimum if there is no traveling {ceremony, photos and reception all in one location}. As for family- we need 5 minutes per grouping {ie. Bride + Groom and Bride's parents, then Bride+ Groom and Groom's parents- this would take 10 minutes}. Getting all of the group shots with your family at the location is always hard, because we don't know your family, and they aren't sure where to be- they often wander off.

The moral of the story here is that if you are prepared weeks in advance {or perhaps months} you can be sure to leave an abundance of time so that you can enjoy the photo taking process and not be rushed through it.

We care so much about not only capturing the amazing shots you want from your wedding day, but also that you enjoy your experience, that you have fun and don't feel stressed that we created for you a few sample timelines. You can download your FREE template here.


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