this one takes the cake | Columbus Wedding Photographers

Its here, the moment of truth. Cutting the cake. A time honored tradition. Do you think you have what it takes to cut the cake? Most brides + grooms think they do, yet some couples utterly fail at this seemingly simple task of pastry dissection. 

This part of the day rarely goes as the couple plans it.

 That is because everyone regards this task as so "everyday" that they don't give it any thought before hand. It should be a piece of cake. See what we did there? After seeing so many cake cuttings go so awkwardly, We've put together a few thoughts to help you make this moment the fun memory you want it to be. So here are a few simple things that your can do to make sure it goes off with out a hitch.




 1. Cut the cake right after dinner and before dancing.

You want this to be the reason people get up from their tables, not an opportunity to take a break from dancing. Have your DJ make an announcement and invite everyone to come and watch {Don't worry, not everyone will}. You want people to come over and watch otherwise it gets really awkward really fast. Don't worry about them crowding out your photographers. The good ones will already be over at the cake in position for the best photos. 

   2. Do it together

Cutting the cake is one of the more simple yet enjoyable moments of the day. Make sure you do this one as a team. Have one of you hold the knife as you would cut a typical cake, then wrap your other arm around your new spouse like a hug, the "inside" person can then lay their inside hand on top of their knife wielding hand. It is more fun than you would think trying to cut a slice of cake with two hands operating that knife.  

   3. Take it slow

Not only will your photographers be trying to capture the moment, but so will your mother. Make sure to pause mid slice and give each other a kiss and smile for the crowd. I mean they did just come over to watch you cut a cake, the least you could do is smile for their pictures. So take it slow and give everyone the moment they want to see. 

   4. Have fun

To smash or not to smash? This part can be SO MUCH FUN! We always suggest a smash -One thing to keep in mind though is not to go overboard with it. Just use a little bit of cake and keep it around their mouth. Remember how much time each other has put into their look for the day. Whether you do this or not is up to you, just make sure you are on the same page, and...

If you do just remember to use your hands, not the forks.

If you approach this fun tradition prepared and ready to enjoy it, you and your guests will remember this part of the day fondly and with a laugh. You'll have some great photos and memories of this part of the day. 


Make sure you keep the top layer of your cake for your first anniversary, it is a tasty snack to have while you reminisce about your wedding.