Photographers are the worst clients | Columbus Wedding Photographers

As Columbus wedding photographers, we're pretty embarrassed to admit this. This spring we had portraits taken of us for the first time in NINE YEARS. We honestly wouldn't admit that to you, but we had a really great reason for getting on the other side of the camera, so we wanted to share.

Of course, we've each taken head shots for each other, but together, we haven't had professional photos since our wedding in 2008! We're so glad we had a session our selves, because we learned so much and we went on a roller coaster ride of emotions. We learned what it's like for our clients preparing for the session, going through the poses, and then waiting what seems like ETERNITY to see them! We're always wanting to improve our clients' experience with us, so it was awesome to learn what you go through first hand.

First and foremost, preparing. Even though we know a lot about what looks good on camera and what type of outfits we wanted to do, the shopping was crazy stressful. Besides being April and being pale as ever, the weather had been crazy, swinging 40 degrees each day. When we first booked the session I intended to wear a sweater, jeans and boots, but as you can was much warmer, which left us shopping the week of the session. Things I never really care about started coming to my attention like, "Should we whiten our teeth?" and "Should I get my brows waxed?"

We also really struggled with letting go of the control. I wanted us to sit back relax and enjoy our session just like any other client, but our instincts kept creeping in, we drove past the first location a week before, and we had to try really hard not to map out good spots. I trusted our photographer, but I was sliiiightly worried she didn't know the best spots. Of course, she did!

Once we were there, we were both nervous, when will she get out the camera? Should we look at her? Smile? Keep smiling? and...What do we do with our hands? The time really flew by but wow, it was exhausting and we were sore after. We literally went home and had a nap. 

Then there was the suspense. I'm so spoiled by being able to look at the back of the camera or load my memory cards onto my PC as soon as I'm home. I kept worrying about how my hair looked or if my smile looked fake because I definitely felt like I smiled so much my cheeks gave out!

The wait was so worth it though because our photos are so great! I can't wait to get some metals up in our living room! We plan to do this every year now, we won't wait another 9 years again.

Many MANY thanks to Men's Wearhouse Polaris for dressing Tim, Hanna with Le Reve Makeup and Hair for making me look presentable and Jessica Miller Photography for putting up with us, introducing us to amazing egg sandwiches and for creating beautiful memories for us!