Nine years and counting... | Columbus Wedding Photographers

Today Tim and I celebrate 9 years of marriage and 12 years together.  We count ourselves really lucky, because if you're thinking "you guys look too young to have been married 9 years", you're right. We were 19 and 20 when we tied the knot, and there are so many ways this thing could've worked out differently. But as the true romantics that we are, we've stuck it out, truly for richer and for poorer (way poorer) and in sickness and health. So rather than go on and on about ourselves and how we've managed not to kill each other off in pursuit of a life insurance policy, we'd rather share some photos, I mean we are Columbus wedding photographers after all... and also share a little advice with you.

We hope that you also marry your best friend, make each other laugh until you can't breathe, support each others endeavors, no matter what they might be. We hope that you'll hold each other accountable, that you'll challenge each others' beliefs and debate once and a while. Communicate with each other, neither of you are mind-readers and if you want or need something, you'll have to say it. We hope you give each other foot rubs and make each other dinner. We want you to carve out time for date nights, and have "cuddle Sundays". We want you to stay married.  Our wish for you is to look back in 9 (or 10) years and know without a doubt that marrying your husband or wife was the best decision you've ever made, because we've been in this thing for 3.288 days and that's how we feel.