Solena & Aric's Stylish Wedding

When we met Solena and Aric at Stauff's in Grandview to discuss their Athletic Club of Columbus wedding and get to know them we were struck by how passionate these two were for each other. We talked for over an hour and kept telling little stories about each other and joking around. It was clear immediately how in love these two were and that their wedding was going to be a lot of fun!

They had chosen the Athletic Club of Columbus for their ceremony and reception. It is such a classic location that has a sense of old world elegance to it. The solid wood walls and the beautifully painted ceilings make this location unlike any other here in Columbus. Solena and Aric's style and personalities plus the feel of the Athletic Club gave their wedding the perfect mixture of elegance and fun. 

The day of their wedding, it rained all day long and we didn't think that we would be able to do the outdoor photos that we had planned. Aric and his groomsmen were getting ready at the Renaissance Hotel  and the plan was to just walk over. This was lucky break number one in the rain. The rain stopped and the sky cleared up just in time for us to get some unique downtown photographs of him and his groomsmen as they strolled over to the Athletic Club.

The ceremony and reception were an absolute blast. From Solena screaming with joy the moment they were pronounced husband and wife right up to the end of the night. We had planned to take Solena and Aric out and get a shot in the middle of Broad street, but with the rain we didn't think that it was going to happen. That is were we got lucky break number two in the rain. It stopped raining just before the father daughter dance. So we ran outside into middle of the street to get the shot. Just as we were posing Solena and Aric a police crusier pulled up and we thought we were all going to get yelled at. Instead two of Columbus' finest asked what were doing and than actually blocked off the road so we could get the photos. Afterwards they congratulated Solena and Aric and even gave Solena a high five. It was such a cool and memorable experience. 

This wedding was truly one to remember and we wish Solena and Aric all the best as they start off on this journey together.