In Columbus, Ohio couples are spending nearly 26K on their big day


But is the cost of wedding photography really worth 10% of your budget?


Let me explain why.

It's not because I want to make all the money in the world. It is not because photographers live luxurious lifestyles and capitalize on your big day, but because it is your big day. Hopefully you only have one wedding day and you will marry the love of your life and you will want to remember it forever.

Let's look at this logically though. The average cost of a wedding in Columbus, OH in 2015 is $25,744.00. So, if you are spending $1500-2000 on a dress, $1400 on flowers and decor, and $10K on a reception venue and dinner for 150 of your nearest and dearest, you will probably want to memorialize that, right?

I might be biased, but even if I am, I was biased 7 years ago as a bride, long before I was a wedding photographer. I feel that the photos are the most important part of the wedding services.

Think of it this way, at the end of your wedding, your guests have eaten the food, your cake, and the music has been played. Your flowers are probably wilted and your dress will likely be cleaned, pressed, and preserved, never to be worn again. You go on your honeymoon, unwind, relax, but when you get back- something is waiting for you. Your wedding photos. You can relive the most magical day of your life, Not only when seeing your photos for the first time, but every time.

In my home, I don't have a wedding bouquet, I don't have food from my reception. I have wedding photos framed and on my walls. I have a wedding album. And it sure is fun to look back and see how small our first nephew was, or how much fun our guests had on the dance floor.

In a way, not having pictures of these moments would be the real cost of wedding photography. 

Isn't that worth 10% of your wedding budget?