Faculty Club Wedding OSU Campus Columbus Ohio

Blaique and Mike's elegant Faculty Club wedding on OSU's campus was our first wedding of the season! We prepped and planned, and prepped again leading up to their wedding day. We watched the weather forecast like hawks because, "April Showers", and we planned indoor spaces for portraits in case it was soggy outside. Luckily, it was a misty morning, but by the time we arrived to the venue, there were blue skies! This always seems to work out in our favor and we're grateful for that, but we can thank Blaique and Mike for the good weather. They were thinking ahead, you'll see they buried a bottle of bourbon upside down at their venue, and that is rumored to ward off any inclement weather. The trick is to bury a full bottle of bourbon, upside down, exactly one month before your wedding date on the venue property. You can then dig it up post-ceremony and indulge during your reception.

These two (and their kiddos) are one of our favorite couples, we really got along great with them and truly enjoyed documenting their love and joy. We, of course, always want the absolute best for our couples, and so it isn't hard to get along with their friends, family and bridal parties who all want the same. This group was no different! This wedding party was so supportive, fluffing the dress, bringing cocktails, and keeping the mood light-hearted. Both the bride and grooms mother's were so sweet and smiling all day!

Despite burying the bourbon, Friday was really rainy and so they opted for an indoor ceremony at the Faculty Club. The unique thing about this venue is that they have several event spaces and they make the most of them by using all spaces for each wedding. They had their wedding ceremony in the ballroom on the second floor, which has these beautiful chandeliers and they had rose petals lining the aisle which was so classic. Blaique and Mike tied in another tradition of jumping the broom once they were pronounced husband and wife. If you're not familiar, the tradition signifies entering into a new life together and "sweeping" away their single lives.

After the ceremony, guests were escorted down to the first floor bar for cocktail hour while we took the bridal party to the amphitheater and mirror lake for some fun photos! We like to photograph the bridal party first so they can then go enjoy cocktail hour while we spend some quality time with just the bride and groom. In this case, we were able to sneak Blaique and Mike over to the Ohio State Thompson library for some couples portraits, and even though we were working super hard to get epic photos we still had to be quiet and respectful. Even though it was hard to communicate from accross the library, we ended up with a few of our favorite portraits from the entire day here!!

Once we got these two back to the Faculty Club, they went right into their entrances and plated dinner in the third floor ballroom before being ushered back to the second floor ballroom for toasts, cake cutting, and their first dance as Mr. + Mrs. Once the lights went down, this group let loose! They were so fun on the dance floor and kept us clicking those shutters the entire time. It seemed like everyone was having a good time if you ask us!

Congratulations Mr. + Mrs. DeMaria! You had such a gorgeous, romantic wedding day full of love. This is just a tiny fraction of all of your memories from the day, and we know it went quick, but you will have beautiful photos to remind you for years and years to come.