What to do if it rains on your wedding day | Wedding Photos Columbus

As we sit here in our office on a rare, wedding-less Saturday (at the time I'm writing this- maybe not when you read it), it is raining outside. I think of all the couples who are saying "I do" today and hoping they have a rain plan in place. Now we can't speak for your venues, videographers, or other outdoor team members, but at least for us, I can tell you we have a get-out-of-rain-free card.

First and foremost, if outdoor photos or an outdoor ceremony/cocktail hour/ etc. are in your wedded future, we start tracking the forecast about a week out. Of course, it can change but the days around your wedding day and what is anticipated can help us get a game plan together.

For one, we can touch base with you and see what indoor options you would be open to. Depending on your venue, the lobby of a hotel, the ceremony space, cocktail hour space or covered veranda are really nice. Sometimes traveling to the Museum of Art, or Library might be on your list of consideration.

We can also plan to bring rain gear, umbrellas or boots, for some fun rainy shots.

We have been part of many engagement sessions or wedding days that seemed like they might be rained out, but it always works out one way or another. Once, after 3 days of down pours and continued storms up through getting-ready, the skies cleared just before the ceremony. Once it terrentially rained all day until the dance floor opened and we were able to get the couple out into golden hour for a few photos. And countless times we've actually braved the elements, misting, windy, or full on rain to get the couple what they wanted.

rain on my wedding day

You can totally see

The ground is wet from the rain, all day leading up to their venue arrival

rain on my wedding day

These two

braved the rain and walked through the wildflowers with an umbrella.

rain on my wedding day

The rain

cleared just in time for a sunset kiss on Broad St.


But. Let's say your wedding day comes, and it rains the entire day, you don't get to do the outdoor photos you'd like, we will welcome you back (just the two of you) for an hour of couple's portraits. Now, we do our part fo' free, but you may have the added expense of having your hair and makeup done another time, and there may be another tux rental in your future, in the long run though it can be worth it. 

Let's not wish those blue skies away, we're sure the weather will be just perfect on your big day. In case it isn't though, we will work with you to make sure you have the photos you'll cherish the rest of your life.