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Wedding Decor and Photographs | Columbus Wedding Photographers

So here's a question that as Columbus Wedding Photographers, we never get asked, but if we did, we'd have a whole lot to say about it. What decor makes the most impact in photographs? First of all, thank you for asking. We're here to help! This is so you don't waste money on items that barely show up, but you can spend on things that truly make a difference.

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What to do if it rains on your wedding day | Wedding Photos Columbus

As we sit here in our office on a rare, wedding-less Saturday (at the time I'm writing this- maybe not when you read it), it is raining outside. I think of all the couples who are saying "I do" today and hoping they have a rain plan in place. Now we can't speak for your venues, videographers, or other outdoor team members, but at least for us, I can tell you we have a get-out-of-rain-free card.

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Creating a timeline your photographers will LOVE | Columbus Wedding Photographers

We’ve heard the horror stories where the bride runs late to the ceremony, where the couple is taking photos too long and delays dinner, and when the first dance was held up because of a bustle. Luckily (and strategically) for us, we’re not part of those stories. Listen, we want you to enjoy your wedding day stress free, and to do that, we need to have time to breathe, and so do you.

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