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Wedding Decor and Photographs | Columbus Wedding Photographers

So here's a question that as Columbus Wedding Photographers, we never get asked, but if we did, we'd have a whole lot to say about it. What decor makes the most impact in photographs? First of all, thank you for asking. We're here to help! This is so you don't waste money on items that barely show up, but you can spend on things that truly make a difference.

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First Look alternatives | Columbus Wedding Photographers

It is no secret, we LOVE a good first look, and we mean L-O-V-E. For several reasons, one because you get to have your genuine moment together, without an audience, and you can say what you feel. Two, because it is often more emotional because at least one of you (cough, grooms, cough) isn't trying to fight back tears because of all the on lookers. And three, because it eases the nerves, tension and timeline. We can knock out your couples photos (or even bridal party) before the ceremony so that during cocktail hour you only have family left, and you actually get to enjoy your party. BUT...we digress, because believe it or not, this blog is about other options to a first look.

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