Creating a timeline your photographers will LOVE | Columbus Wedding Photographers

We’ve heard the horror stories where the bride runs late to the ceremony, where the couple is taking photos too long and delays dinner, and when the first dance was held up because of a bustle. Luckily (and strategically) for us, we’re not part of those stories. Listen, we want you to enjoy your wedding day stress free, and to do that, we need to have time to breathe, and so do you.

Here are the best ways we can think of to make a timeline with ease, and not stress when things could get off track.

ONE: Plan for the unexpected. We’ve seen it all. Groom splits his pants, bridesmaid goes missing, ceremony runs long. If you are adding a little time here and there for these things, you won’t stress IF they happen. And if they don’t you can just relax and not feel rushed.

TWO: Give us time to be creative. We’re actually responsible for this. We ask what time you’d like to begin photos and then count back to ensure enough time for capturing details. This is typically the first thing we do on your wedding day, so we need enough time to gather your items, unpack our gear and get into the swing of the day. We also like to spend a few minutes checking in with you and getting to introduce ourselves, so we need about an hour for this part of the day...but you can help.

THREE: Have your MOH gather all of your details for us, before we arrive. We typically suggest a “details box” which you can read more about HERE, but you can put all the important stuff in there the night before, and place it with your hung up dress, veil, shoes and jewelry. Hey, you spent money on all of it, and it must be important to you, so spare no detail.

FOUR: Plan to have your hair and makeup finished at least 30 minutes before you’d like to get dressed.  This adds in a little time in case things run long, but it also gives you time to have a glass of champagne, have a few laughs with your girls, take your selfies, go to the bathroom, without rushing into your dress. I know you’ll be eager to get it on, but you’ll be wearing it allll day, it can wait another 30 minutes. ** If you plan to do photos with your girls in your cutesy robes or pajamas or bride tribe tees, make sure to leave an extra half hour for that too.

FIVE: Have a first look. Okay so we know not every couple wants to see each other before the ceremony, but still- it’s a great way to ease up stress on your wedding day timeline. If you are adamant that you won’t be seeing each other, that’s okay- our couples are definitely 50/50 on the idea, but just keep in mind we’ll need more time after your ceremony. We need half an hour for your family portraits, and an hour for the two of you and your bridal party.

SIX: Those family portraits. We can help you to make the grouping of your families’ easier. We suggest you choose your family groupings ahead of time, we try to keep it around 12-15 combinations, and we ask that you TELL your family members you’d like them in your photos prior to the wedding. This helps make sure aunt Janet doesn’t leave the church, and that your sister-in-law doesn’t complain, “If I had known I’d be in photos, I would’ve warn…” When everyone is informed, things go much smoother.

SEVEN: Lean into your vendors. Remember when we said we want you to enjoy your day? Relax and let us take care of you. We will keep you on time until the DJ takes over for the evening, then we will work together to make sure we don’t miss a moment.

We hope those are helpful in making the day go smoothly, but remember we’ll be there with you and we can adapt and roll with the punches. We’ll customize your timeline to fit your day and make sure you get that sunset photo between dinner and dancing, we’ll make sure your dress gets bustled before your first dance, trust us.