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When you’re crazy in love,
your photos should be crazy unique.

One of you said yes. (And the other? Well, mad props for asking!) 

It’s time to capture this whirlwind, exciting time on camera.

You shouldn’t have to stress or sit on your hands just waiting for your wedding day to arrive -- It’s time to celebrate your love and this special season of your life–and get it all on camera, too!

When you work with 614 Wedding Photography, we strive to create a comfortable, fun, and tres romantique experience that captures your great love on camera–and allows your unique personalities, style and je ne sais quoi to shine right on through. 

Yep. We do everything we can to ensure every one of our clients feels seen, heard and captured on camera in all their unique glory–without looking cheesy, awkward or overly-posed. #nothanks

You don’t have to do your engagement photos  “just like everyone else.” You can do them like just like you.

Geeky. Cheeky. Flirty. Sultry. You just do you–and we’ll do the rest.

Wanna see for yourself? Take a gander at some Columbus couples who’s engagements we’ve recently photographed...

Wait, I meant the Wedding gallery! >